We are a leading specialized technology consulting firm, helping our customers realize their Digital Transformation Goals by leveraging the Salesforce Platform



A cuѕtоm CRM system is ѕресifiсаllу-built software with a paramount focus on your development needs and strategic business goals. It also provides an ease of implementation for more complex strategies within your organization. Effective implementation of CRM solutions drives improvement in customer services and enterprise productivity.

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Salesforce Transformation

Salesforce is so much more than a cloud based CRM. It’s a “platform of platforms”, with thousands of third party apps and the capability for bespoke development. SaaSfocus brings the specialist end to end capability in the implementation of Salesforce, to enable your business Digital Transformation. We will be your partner in the journey from Strategy to Managed services

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Quality Assurance and Testing

Ensure that you achieve excellence from your product.Testing is the key to successful long-term development and is a critical component of the development process.

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Know How We Can Help You Transform Your Business

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