Salesforce Lightning

Salesforce Lightning or LWC Migration with ClPL

Our Salesforce Lightning or LWC Solutions

Thinking of moving to Lightning or LWC?

Salesforce Lightning or LWC is the innovative user interface specifically designed to enhance customer experience and overall efficiency. That alone makes it vital to the success of your Salesforce organization.
As we continue to add more services to our Salesforce consulting practice, coupled with a proven delivery model and years of experience, we can extend your business goals far beyond your primary expectations through Salesforce platform development with Lightning components.

CIPL can help! Take advantage of the new:

  • Advanced UI for Lightning or LWC pages for Mobile
  • Enlarged, easier-to-read dashboards
  • Smart, dynamic, out-of-the-box views
  • Drag-and-drop functionality
  • Customizable Homepage

Salesforce Lightning or LWC Benefits

User experience is the very essence of the technology. Still have doubts? The ecosystem provides groundbreaking development tools and a Lightning design system that offer a number of benefits for your organization through increased productivity and enhanced customer experience. Here are a few of the enhancements that brought in to your business:

Lightning App Builder

App Builder is a productivity enhancement instrument that speeds up the mobile app development process. This straightforward tool makes it easier to combine components on a single page in order to access everything you use from one location.

Lightning Component Framework

Utilizing a reach component ecosystem that replicates key experiences from page to page in order to avoid additional duplication overhead, this framework is invaluable for integration with sites, as well as custom Salesforce1 Mobile app performance, for building single-page applications with user interface and data analytics specifically designed for business growth.

Lightning Schema Builder

Schema Builder equips developers with a powerful environment to add custom objects, fields, details, etc., while making the task of designing, implementing, and modifying your data model both flawless and clean.

Lightning Connect

Lightning Connect allows for easy data integration and delivers smooth synchronization of information. This convenient tool diminishes the necessity of having to make Salesforce database copies when extracting data in real time from SAP, Microsoft and Oracle.

Lightning Process Builder

With Process Builder, complicated business processes can be automated with point-and-click options. Process builder provides customers the swift and efficient ability to develop effective, time and effort-saving workflows.